Head Instructor

Wing Chun Warriors

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Sifu Owen Scott teaches Traditional Wing Chun Kung fu. He is a 3rd Generation William Cheung Lineage. Sifu Owen started training in 2002 under the late Dai-Sifu Steve Ruiz who is a direct disciple of Grandmaster William Cheung.

Sifu Owen now trains under Master Phillip Redmond who is a closed door student of Grandmaster William Cheung. Grandmaster Cheung is a direct disciple of the Legendary Yip (Ip) Man. Grandmaster Cheung introduced Bruce Lee to Yip Man and was responsible for a lot of Bruce Lee's early training.

Sifu Owen is also a Certified Fitness Coach and specializes in workout routines emphasizing the use of calisthenics to gain weight or lose weight depending on ones fitness goals.